Advertising Policy

Advanced Virology follows the advertising policy of Kenzym Publishers which is as below:

Kenzym Publishers understands that receiving sponsorships or advertising should not interfere with editorial independence and hence is committed to adhering to best practices when dealing with any sponsorship or advertising. Our policy guideline for accepting sponsorship or advertising from companies, societies, or other organizations is as:

  • all advertising (or sponsorship or funding) must first be approved by the publisher. Kenzym Publishers reserves the right to refuse to accept sponsorship/advertisement from any commercial enterprise, company or industry and will not be bound to offer any justification for its decision to do so;
  • all advertising (or sponsorship or funding) is handled separately from editorial content. Sponsors don’t have control over the editorial decision, and more specifically:
    • editorial and advertising sales administration are completely separate operations;
    • editorial decisions are never influenced by potential advertising or reprint revenues;
  • sponsors are requested to guarantee that they shall not attempt to influence editorial process in any way and that they understand and recognize the risks inherent in any possible conflicts of interest associated with the financial support and funding of publishing enterprises.
  • in the case of journal/publications published by Kenzym Publishers on behalf of societies or other organizations, we expect societies/organizations to be transparent in their process for selecting third party support for the journal/publication, such as printers or advertising support.