Copyright and Licensing

Advanced Virology follows the copyright and licensing policies of Kenzym Publishers.

The copyright of a contribution published in Advanced Virology is retained by the author(s). Author(s) grant Kenzym Publishers a license to publish the contribution and identify itself as the original publisher. Contributions are licensed under an open access Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, meaning that anyone may download and read the contribution for free. In addition, the contribution may be reused and quoted provided that the original published version is cited. These conditions allow for maximum use and exposure of the work while ensuring that the authors receive due credit.

Where an author is prevented from being the copyright holder (for instance government employees), a customized copyright statement may be required. Author(s) requiring customizations of this type should inform the editorial office of the Advanced Virology during or immediately after the submission of the manuscript. Changes to the copyright statement cannot be made after the publication of the contribution. Similarly, in exceptional circumstances, contributions may be licensed differently. If you have a specific condition (such as one linked to funding) that does not allow this license, please mention this to the editorial office at submission. Exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the publisher.

Reproducing Published Material from other Publishers

It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission, prior to submission, to reproduce any published material (figures, tables, text, etc.) that does not fall into the public domain, or for which they do not hold the copyright. Permission should be requested by the authors from the copyright holder.

Permission is required for:

  • Your own work published by other publishers and for which you did not retain copyright.
  • Substantial extracts from anyone's work or a series of works.
  • Use of tables, graphs, charts, schemes and artworks if they are unaltered or slightly modified.
  • Photographs for which you do not hold the copyright.

Permission is not required for:

  • Reconstruction of your own table with data already published elsewhere. Please note that in this case, you must cite the source of the data in the form of either "Data from..." or "Adapted from...".
  • Very short quotes are considered fair use and therefore do not require permission.
  • Graphs, charts, schemes and artwork that are completely redrawn by the authors and significantly changed beyond recognition do not require permission. However, you may need to check the copyright permissions of any underlying data.