About the Journal

Advanced Virology (AV) is an online, open access and peer-reviewed journal published biannually online using the Continuous Article Publishing (CAP) model.

Aims and Scope: Advanced Virology aims to comprehensively cover articles on all aspects of virology, including research on the viruses of animals, plants, insects, archaea, fungi, bacteria and protozoa. Advanced Virology encourages original and high-impact research articles on viral genome structure, assembly, replication, gene expression, cellular interactions, diversity, epidemiology, evolution and ecology. Manuscripts introducing new concepts or advances in viral pathogenesis, immunity, prevention, vaccines, antiviral agents, virus-host interactions and disease mechanisms are also appropriate. However, the manuscripts describing new (partial or complete) viral sequences, isolation or characterization of new viral strains will only be published as virus notes. The editors strongly encourage authors to supplement such information by further experimentation to provide a detailed, insightful description of the novel ideas or mechanistic explanations of the new hypothesis.

Besides original research articles, Advanced Virology also provides the opportunity to publish opinions, case studies, short communications and review papers. The opinion and reviews are only accepted by the invited experts in the field of virology. However, authors are encouraged to submit proposals that highlight cutting-edge research, systematic advances and valuable overviews of the developing ideas that are of particular interest to the virology community.

The editorial board of Advanced virology comprises internationally recognized, leading experts in the field of virology that are involved in the rapid peer-review process to ensure that all publications are strictly in line with principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. At any stage of submission, if the manuscripts are detected to have plagiarism or contain falsified, duplicate or fabricated data, it will result in immediate rejection without peer review.

Types of Contributions: Advanced Virology publishes contributions under the following headings:

  • Original Articles: original research articles comprising concise and comprehensive text, in line with the scope of Advanced Virology are considered. Authors are encouraged to provide complete experimental details to ensure the reproducibility of the results.
  • Reviews: reviews and interpretation papers should provide the introduction, important updates or recent developments in a particular area of research. In addition to invited reviews by experts in a specific field, the journal of Advanced Virology also accepts proposals on topics that are of significant interest and reflect valuable information for researchers.
  • Short Communications: include brief, original research articles, and short reports that are relevant to the journal scope. Though authors should not unnecessarily divide their work into several related manuscripts, short Communications of preliminary, but significant, results will be considered.
  • Opinions: opinions are short, clear, concise, and logical opinions of the authors on topics relevant to the journal scope which stimulate discussions within the topic or present a viewpoint.
  • Virus Notes: the manuscripts describing new (partial or complete) viral sequences, isolation or characterization of new viral strains will only be published as virus notes.
  • Case Studies: only case studies that make a contribution to medical knowledge and must have educational value or highlight the need for a change in clinical practice or diagnostic approaches are considered. Advanced Virology does not consider case reports describing preventive or therapeutic interventions, as these generally require stronger evidence.
  • Comments: comments are short articles which outline an observation on a published article, and may be submitted by readers to the journal editor for publication.